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5 truths & myths about teeth whitening

5 Truths & Myths About Teeth Whitening

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  Did you just have your teeth whitened? Or are you contemplating doing it soon? Today, I wanted to share five myths about teeth whitening and the truth behind each one. Let’s dive right in. 1. The truth about how long you bleach your teeth We hear a lot of questions about how long to […]

From start to finish: Dental implants take 3-6 months on average at Bradley Rule DDS.

How Long Does a Dental Implant Procedure Take? [Videos]

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If you’re reading this, you probably already know what a dental implant is. So, let’s cut to the chase: How long does a dental implant take? Short answer: Getting a dental implant – placing the post, healing, and getting a crown – takes three to six months… This text opens a new tab to the […]

CEREC machine with text Smile Again with CEREC®!

Top 6 FAQs About CEREC Dental Crowns

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  So, you think you need a dental crown. Maybe you’re reading on the internet that the process is scary. The dental crown procedure often takes more than one trip to the dentist. It also requires the dreaded impression-taking that usually ends up a little messy. That is exactly why we’re thrilled to offer CEREC […]

Top Five FAQs about Cosmetic Bonding [Is It Right for You?]

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Embarrassed by your crooked, stained, oddly shaped, chipped, or otherwise imperfect teeth? You don’t have to hide your smile any longer! There are plenty of cosmetic treatment options available to get you the picture-perfect smile of your dreams. Trying to figure out what options are best for you can be difficult. That’s why we’re here […]

A blonde woman and brunette man brushing their teeth following the dental tips for quarantine by Dr. Rule

Top 4 Dental Tips for Quarantine

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Brush twice a day … Floss once a day … These dental tips for quarantine may sound like we’re preaching to the choir. But don’t run yet! We have outlined new and exciting perspectives on why you should take these dental tips seriously, especially during quarantine! 4 dental tips for quarantine 1. Brush your teeth […]

5 Dental Implant Benefits You Should Know

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  Got missing teeth? You’re not alone! An estimated Opens in new windown to AAID website2 out of 3 Americans are missing one or more teeth. The great news is that dental implants are a fantastic solution. What are dental implant benefits? 5 reasons it’s worth it to invest in dental implants 1. Great solution for […]

A woman holding her painful jaw and needing TMJ Treatment.

Treating TMJ Disorders with Non-Surgical Neuromuscular Dentistry

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Have you been told you need corrective jaw surgery to treat your TMJ disorder? If so, WAIT! With neuromuscular dentistry, you may be able to treat your TMJ disorder without surgery. Let’s explore how our dentist in Gurnee, IL is treating TMJ disorders… What is neuromuscular dentistry? Neuromuscular dentistry concentrates on fixing the alignment between […]

What's holding you back from loving your smile? Let's fix it!

6 Common Dental Problems You Can Fix with Cosmetic Dentistry

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Is there something about your smile you would like to change? Are you curious about how you can fix it? Yes? Then this blog is for you! Our Gurnee, IL cosmetic dentist, will explain six common dental problems you can fix with cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Bradley Rule will also recommend different ways you can fix […]