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If you finished the above statement with "only the best," we agree whole-heartedly. When it comes to our health and the health of our loved ones, nothing but the best will do.

At Rule Dentistry we are proud to say that "the best" is our norm. Each member of our team is expected to have and maintain a high level of training that includes pursuing continuing education courses along with annual OSHA and CPR training.

Dr. Rule is a graduate of the MISCH International Implant Institute and is also an LVI trained dentist with outstanding skill, experience, and education, who performs heartfelt, amazing dentistry every day.

If your family is looking for one of the best dentists in Gurnee IL, you've found it!


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Dr. Rule with two kids holding sign "I Heart My Dentist"
Dr. Rule with two kids holding sign "I Heart My Dentist"

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We want to to make you feel amazing. From the moment you walk through our front door, we know you'll feel our difference. We will greet you by name when you arrive, make sure you experience only the highest level of customer service from each of our team members, and experience the superior level of dentistry that you would expect from a world-class dentist like Dr. Rule, who puts his patient's needs above all else.

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Our patients feel comfortable and cared for in our office. They always comment on how happy and friendly our team is while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Dr. Rule is an amazing dentist who offers a superlative level of dentistry that our patients really appreciate.

Our friendly, warm, and personal attention to our patient's care.
The high-quality service we offer both in the front and the back of the office.
Our staff! Each one of them is highly trained and skilled with the ability to remove anxiety and make our patients feel secure and comfortable.

We pride ourselves on a clean, sterile environment that ensures our patient's safety.
We offer a high level of cosmetic dentistry that uses the most advanced technology.
We are comprehensive in our diagnosis and delivery of care.
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We're Different - In a Good Way!


We know once you've experienced the Rule Dentistry difference you'll know why we say that once you've gone Rule, you won't go back.