Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Regain function and aesthetics for your smile.

Do You Want a Healthy Smile You Can Be Proud of?

With full mouth rehabilitation, we can help you achieve just that.
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Revitalize Your Smile

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There is so much more to a healthy smile than the way it looks. Obviously, we want all of our patients to have beautiful smiles, but sometimes we need to step back and look at the bigger picture of what is going on in your mouth, to determine how you can have not only a smile that looks good, but that is also functional and healthy.

Full mouth rehabilitation takes the following aspects of your smile into account:

  • Occlusion (bite)
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Tooth wear
  • Size, shape, and color of your teeth
Smile Brighter. Smile Better

Our goal is for you to have a radiating smile that is natural in appearance, as well as an improved sense of self-esteem. We often see patients who have been afraid to smile for years, so excited by their new smile that they can’t stop smiling!

To achieve this, Bradley Rule, DDS in Gurnee and his restorative dentistry team rely on the latest computerized technology and years of specialty training and countless successes in this area, as well as an expert artist eye. We create a new smile designed especially for you – one that may also address a variety of related problems such as heat-sensitive teeth, sore jaw muscles, and recurring headaches. Call one of our dedicated Gurnee dentist team members to learn how you can have the smile you’ve always wanted with more comfort than ever. If you need dental work done in Gurnee, IL, we are happy to help.

Do you experience frequent head and neck aches?

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