Crowns, Bridges & Fillings

Offering strong, long-lasting, metal-free restorations.

  • Repair a tooth affected by decay
  • Mend a broken or chipped tooth
  • Replace a missing tooth

Restore the natural function and aesthetics of your tooth with metal-free restorations by Rule Dentistry.

Beautiful, Strong and Long-Lasting

Dentistry Gurnee
Dentistry Gurnee

At Rule Dentistry, we not only want to help you have the most beautiful smile possible, but we also want to make sure your smile reaches it's full potential of strength and function. Dr. Rule has completed many hours of training and continuing education to ensure that he possesses the skills to restore your smile.

When you first arrive for your appointment, Dr. Rule will assess your smile. He will then talk with you so you can decide together what the best treatment plan is to restore your smile. We will always tell you all of your options, and work with you to set-up any follow-up appointments on your schedule.


Dental Restorations, Defined.

Couple holding each other, laughing and smiling
Couple holding each other, laughing and smiling

We use tools and techniques to repair your teeth, in the most conservative way possible. Composite fillings bond to your teeth, filling in where decay has caused damage. We prefer to use composite as opposed to amalgam (metal) because it attaches to your teeth with more strength, therefore lasts longer.

Crowns are used to restore your tooth's natural shape and strength when the tooth has excessive damage from wear or extreme decay. A dental crown cups over the area of the tooth to just above the gum line. It is cemented securely in place. Our crowns are tooth-colored and will blend seamlessly into your smile.

A dental bridge is a custom device anchored to two teeth surrounding one or more missing teeth. The teeth adjacent to the missing one, are prepped with crowns which are attached a restoration for the missing tooth.

Learn about Full Mouth Restoration for Extensive Dental Needs
Woman with hand to chin in thought
Woman with hand to chin in thought

Introducing CEREC® Crowns

CEREC® is a unique CAD/CAM system for individual, all-ceramic restorations in a single appointment. Some of the benefits of CEREC® crowns are:

  • You get your new smile today, in as little as 2 hours!
  • Impressions are made digitally so no messy impressions are needed
  • No need to wear a temporary crown
  • All porcelain crowns mean no black lines along the gums
  • The porcelain is color-matched to blend naturally with your own teeth

Dr. Rule explains how he works his magic with CEREC® crowns in this short video.

Ask us about CEREC® crowns for your next procedure!

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A Smile Speaks a Thousand Words

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