General Dentistry in Gurnee, IL

Our general dentistry services will help your Gurnee smile to be strong and healthy for a lifetime.

Our General Dentistry Services

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TMJ Treatment

You don't have to live with the pain and headaches caused by TMJ. Dr. Rule can get to the source of your problem and fix it. Learn about the common symptoms of TMJ and how we treat it.

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Family Dentistry

We offer dentistry solutions for all members of your family. One-stop dentistry saves you time and bother, no need to travel from one office to another, and gives you the added assurance of having a dental team that knows you, and that you know.

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Root Canal Treatment

The thought of having a root canal often causes dread. But we invite you to try a new experience at Rule Dentistry. With our highly trained team and dentist, you can confidently expect comfortable care and the best outcome for your root canal treatment.

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Hygiene Cleanings

Our focus on preventative care will keep your family's smiles strong and beautiful for a lifetime. Your healthy smile starts here. Learn more about the health problems you'll avoid by having great oral health.

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Same-Day Crowns

CEREC same-day crowns advanced technology makes it possible for Dr. Rule to create and place your new dental crown in just two hours! Getting a crown has never been so easy! Watch our video on how Dr. Rule works his magic.

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‘‘"What a great team! They all care and go the extra mile."’’

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‘‘"Wonderful! As soon as I walked in I felt right at home and put at ease."’’

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‘‘"The moment I walked in the staff was very welcoming and friendly and made the experience easier for me. The hygienist was very friendly and took really good care of me."’’

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