Am I a Candidate for Cosmetic Dentistry?

Woman covering her mouth because she's embarrassed to smile.


Are You Embarrassed to Smile?

Do you have to fight the urge to run away whenever a camera comes out? Do you feel your smile doesn't express who you really are? Cosmetic dentistry in Gurnee, IL can change that! We'll help you find a smile you really love.

Man covering up his crooked teeth with his hand to show that wanting a straighter smile makes you a candidate for cosmetic dentistry. .


Do You Want A Straight Smile?

You deserve a smile that will go straight to the hearts of all who see it! Achieving a beautiful, straight smile has never been so easy and convenient. Our cosmetic dentistry options will fit any budget or lifestyle.

Woman with missing teeth hiding her mouth.


Do You Have Missing Teeth?

Don't let the discomfort or embarrassment caused by missing teeth keep you from enjoying everything life has to offer! Beautiful, natural-looking restorations can help you smile, eat, and live again with full confidence.


Our Talented Cosmetic Dentist Has the Right Solution for You

Are you ready to love your smile? Unsure what you need? Scroll down to see the gorgeous smile transformations our Gurnee dentist, Dr. Rule has created for patients (just like you!) by using advanced cosmetic dentistry solutions. Some of those services include:
* Porcelain Veneers
* Teeth Whitening
* Invisalign
* CEREC Same-Day Crowns

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George's Story

placeholder for case study.

"I am 69 years old and had multiple old crowns. A few of my front teeth were worn down. I hated to smile and especially hated being in photos. Now my teeth look perfect. I smile more and love the new look."

  • Discolored, worn teeth with spaces.
  • Bite misalignment because of short teeth.
  • Tooth extractions needed.
  • Crowns of different sizes and materials.

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  • Dental implants were placed.
  • Jaw tracking and scans determined the optimum bite position.
  • 14 upper teeth were restored using veneers and crowns.

Dawn's Story

Smiling headshot of Dawn and her husband Tom

"I decided to get veneers. This was a huge decision and I was a little nervous. But now I feel I have the perfect smile. I'm smiling more and feel more confident about myself. I am thrilled!"

  • Upper teeth had spaces.
  • Teeth were too short.

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  • Gum contouring to add length to the teeth.
  • Used porcelain veneers and crowns to restore 10 upper teeth.

Gene's Story

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Gene has multiple anterior crowns, two of which suffered from a vertical fracture. This made his two front teeth appear gapped and chipped. He wanted this smile restored, but he did not want to pay for a new crown, which we were able to do!

  • Fractured porcelain on two front crowns.
  • Didn't want to pay for a new crown.

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  • Multi-shaded layers of composite material to blend with other crowns.

Paul's Story

Smiling headshot of Paul.

Paul had lived with a smile he didn't like for many years. He decided that now it was time to invest in himself and get a smile that he felt good about. In just a few weeks, he had a smile that he loves!

  • Congenitally missing teeth.
  • Discolored teeth.

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  • Gum contouring to add length to the teeth.
  • Used porcelain veneers and crowns to restore 8 upper teeth.

Amanda's Story

placeholder for case study.

Amanda consumed several sodas and energy drinks per day. Naturally, this left her with some cavities. She came to us because she was not happy with her previous dentist's work at filling those cavities. We were able to replace her fillings, making her smile look and feel natural.

  • Was not happy with previous dentist's work.
  • Did not like the tooth color of the fillings.
  • Fillings were rough and would shred dental floss.

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  • Removed previous filling material.
  • Removed decay.
  • Filled cavities with composite to look natural and add more strength.

Shirley's Story

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Shirley's smile was severely damaged after a fall and she was embarrassed to smile. Because it involved her front teeth she needed a solution that was both natural-looking and durable. She's thrilled to have her smile back.

  • Trauma to teeth after a fall.
  • Fractured two front teeth.

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  • Composite bonding.
  • Blended shades creating translucency at the edge of the teeth for a more natural look.

Tom's Story

Headshot of Tom and his wife Dawn

Like many people his age, Tom had worn and decayed teeth along with old crowns. He wanted his teeth to look better, but more importantly, to be healthier. Full mouth restoration treatment by Dr. Rule was able to give him a smile that looks great and feels great!

  • Discolored, worn and chipped teeth.
  • Decayed teeth needed extractions.
  • Crowns of different sizes and materials.

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  • 14 teeth in the upper arch were restored using crowns and veneers.
  • 8 teeth in the lower arch were restored using crowns and veneers.
  • 3 dental implants were restored with a custom fabricated abutment and crown.
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