For a smile that will go straight to their hearts!

Couple touching cheeks and smiling - invisalign

Confident, attractive smiles open doors.

We are all attracted to a beautiful, healthy looking smile.
Studies have shown that we also tend to perceive people with beautiful smiles as more confident, competent, and successful.

If you are feeling less than confident about your smile because of crooked or misaligned teeth, then Invisalign® can be your ticket to a more confident you!


Invisalign® Provides a Barely-There Experience

Woman putting in invisalign trays
Woman putting in invisalign trays

The beauty of Invisalign® is in more than just the fabulous smiles it can create. It has completely changed the orthodontic process. No longer must a patient deal with months of heavy, ugly metal braces. Instead, through the use of clear plastic, orthodontic aligners, Invisalign® gently and effectively moves your teeth into their ideal position. Crooked and misaligned teeth can be quickly, comfortably, and affordably changed into the beautifully straight, confident, door-opening smile that you've been wanting.

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I was amazed at the attention to detail that Dr. Rule has toward his work and his willingness to stick with a project until it is done!

— J. Osmond

Why Choose Invisalign®? The Answer is Clear!



✓ Straightens your teeth.

✓ Treats a wide variety of cases.

✓ Allows you to eat whatever you want.

✓ Lets you remove it when you want.

✓ You can brush and floss normally.

✓ Virtually invisible teeth-straightening.


Traditional Braces

✓ Straightens your teeth.

✓ Treats a wide variety of cases.


Still not sure that Invisalign® is the right choice for you?

Have you been wanting to straighten your teeth, but you are still not sure about which straightening option is the right choice for you?

Having the right information can help you feel confident that you are making the best choice for yourself. Get the information you need in our informative digital checklist - "8 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Commit".

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