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Get Oral Cancer In Check with your Dentist In Gurnee

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As your Dentist In Gurnee, Dr. Bradley Rule is committed to the health and well‐being of the mouths in our community! As you already know, regular cleanings and checkups are vitally important to maintain healthy teeth and gums. However, in addition to fighting plaque, regular checkups can also help you and your family fight oral […]

Looking for Family-Friendly Dental Care? Here It Is!

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When given a choice between playing and doing something practical, kids predictably choose fun. Who can blame them? Your dentist knows maintaining a healthy smile is an important part of a successful childhood, so that’s why every effort is being made to make children’s dentistry both effective and enjoyable. Children + Fun Dental Visits = […]

5 FAQs About Cosmetic Bonding

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Sometimes the difficult part with having flaws in your smile isn’t the flaws themselves, but in figuring out the best treatment options available to resolve them. Consider some FAQs about cosmetic bonding to find out if this popular method is right for you. 1. What’s bonding? This technique employs a composite, tooth-colored resin that’s formed into […]

How Good Is Your Oral Health?

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Have you ever wondered if your dental health was as spot-on as you thought? Take a look at our infographic to see if you’re making your dentist proud: Want to learn more fun and interesting facts? Contact Dr. Rule, top dentist in Gurnee, IL.