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Life-Changing Dentistry; Chassidy’s Story

**Updated April 19th, 2017

The wonderful thing about cosmetic dentistry is that there is an option available for every dental challenge and budget. When small smile flaws need repair, composite bonding is a great option that is fast and affordable. A single visit with Dr. Rule can repair a damaged or flawed tooth; giving you a healthy, confident smile.

Consider the experience of Chassidy. She came to us in May 2012 after finding us on the internet via our website. She had a large diastema – gap – between her front teeth and was competing in the Miss Illinois pageant. Let’s let Chassidy tell her story.

Chassidy’s Story

“Being in the tough sport of pageantry, it is of extreme importance to have an award winning smile. However, having a large gap in my two front teeth and two small gaps right next to them made being in the pageant world difficult. After countless hours of searching for a close-to-home cosmetic dentist, I came across Dr. Rule. I scheduled a free consultation and from then on, I became entirely dedicated to his practice.

Photo of Chassidy after experiencing life changing dentistry from Dr. Bradley Rule.Dr. rule was able to understand that being a 19-year-old college student is financially tiresome and was able to set up a payment plan that abided by my budget. Not only did he clean and whiten my teeth ( which had phenomenal results), he closed the spaces between my teeth with the procedure called “bonding”.

I competed in the pageant a few weeks later, and had the honor of winning the “best smile” award by an orthodontist! His office and staff made me feel right at home the whole, entire experience. I am grateful to Dr. Rule and his staff for making me a new, confident smile!”

Dentistry That Changes Lives

We often say at Rule Dentistry that great dentistry can be life-changing and at our Gurnee dentist office we see firsthand every day the truth of that statement. Chassidy’s story is just one among many we could share. We invite you to visit our smile portfolio on our Smile Design page to see other examples of beautiful smile transformations.

Are you ready for life-changing dentistry? Call us today at (847) 662-7717 for a smile consultation. We look forward to meeting you and your smile!


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