A blonde woman and brunette man brushing their teeth following the dental tips for quarantine by Dr. Rule

Top 4 Dental Tips for Quarantine

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Brush twice a day … Floss once a day … These dental tips for quarantine may sound like we’re preaching to the choir. But don’t run yet! We have outlined new and exciting perspectives on why you should take these dental tips seriously, especially during quarantine! 4 dental tips for quarantine 1. Brush your teeth […]

Banner promoting the importance of flossing

Flossing: Important or Not? [Infographic]

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There has recently been some controversy over the importance of flossing – is flossing really necessary to maintain healthy teeth? Despite conflicting reports, dentists defend keeping flossing a priority. Don’t toss your floss into the trash just yet – there are several sound reasons to keep flossing a part of your daily oral care routine. […]

Should I Be Concerned if I Have Gums That Bleed?

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Do you equate a healthy, attractive smile with teeth that are dazzling white and cavity free. Absolutely! Yet, while these are undoubtedly major factors, the condition and health of your gums is another part you shouldn’t overlook. Gums play an important role in the health of your smile and are also linked to your overall […]

Fight Stress to Fight Gum Disease

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For some time now, it has been known that oral health has a strong relation to the health of the body and mind. It has also been found that by preventing stress, you may also be able to prevent gum disease and the need for unwanted dental care. Gurnee dentists, Drs. Rule and our team, […]