The Slippery Slope of Unhealthy Gums–Seek Dental Care in Gurnee Today!

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(Last Updated On: April 7, 2020)

Dental Care GurneeDo yourself a favor; smile into a mirror. What do you see? Stop being distracted by wrinkles – it’s your gums our dental care team in Gurnee is concerned about!

Are they puffy, red, or sensitive to temperature change? Have you noticed “pink in the sink” as a result of brushing? If any of these conditions describe your mouth, seek dental therapy as soon as possible! Why?

Destructive bacterium has been hard at work below your gum line. Over time, pockets of infection take hold, not only destroying oral tissues and bone but also entering your bloodstream with the possibility of wreaking havoc on vital organs. The importance of regular dental cleanings and checkups cannot be overemphasized!

Dr. Rule’s team of experts utilizes the latest in conservative laser gum therapy. This laser dentistry enables trained professionals to gently disinfect and evaporate diseased tissue from around teeth and inside gum pockets. Depending on the extent of your gum disease, several systematic sessions with the laser may be required. At that point, a healthy environment has been created to allow for healing. Without it, you stand to lose not only your teeth but also quite possibly your overall health.

After facing reality in the mirror, has your smile diminished? Recall though, by enlisting Dr. Rule’s dental care in Gurnee you’ll receive gentle, effective treatment that will allow you to reclaim a smile of health and vitality! Call today!

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