Thin, Chipped Teeth Beg for Dentist in Gurnee!

“My upper front teeth look short with thinning, chipped edges. What causes that?” Dr. Rule, a highly qualified dentist in Gurnee, recognizes this common question for what it reveals.

Teeth that appear shorter than normal or thin on the edges are almost always the consequence of a grinding or clenching habit.

“But I don’t clench or grind my teeth!” you may counter. Much like snoring, these activities generally take place during sleep, unknown to the conscious mind.

The trouble starts when opposing teeth contact each other for extended periods of time and under high pressure, without food to buffer the force. Tooth enamel that is meant to be in contact for only a few minutes during a 24-hour period, is often ground against opposing enamel for approximately 39 minutes of each 8-hour sleep period!

This habit of clenching or grinding exposes teeth to at least 16 times more wear than teeth not subjected to such activity! It’s no wonder some in only their 20’s or 30’s have completely worn out their enamel, exposing the second much softer layer of dentine beneath! What can you do to stop this destructive force?

Consult Dr. Rule to discover the cause behind your thinning, chipped teeth! His long-time experience as a dentist in Gurnee will allow him to offer solutions you can smile about!

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