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Something To Chew On From Your Dentist near Lake Forest IL

Remember that first puppy you had, the one that chewed on anything and everything that it got its teeth on? As your dentist for Lake Forest IL, Dr. Rule encourages you not to take after Fido’s bad chewing habits.

You know, the ones where you chew on that pen or pencil while deep in thought. Or the one where you crunch on that ice at the end of drinking your beverage. Perhaps it’s even chewing on that new lip or tongue ring that your friend talked you into getting.

Chewing on hard objects–even on hard candy–can chip or crack your teeth. Your teeth are made to last, but they are not indestructible. Use them for chewing food only.

How can you break the bad habit of chewing on hard objects? Like you did with Fido. Say NO! Place notes reminding yourself to stop. Put them on your desk and other areas where you find yourself chewing on things. Ask your family and friends to remind you if they catch you chewing away.

On behalf of your dentist for Lake Forest IL, please take care of your teeth. Use teeth for what they are made, chewing food, and leave the other kinds of chewing for Fido.

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