Escape TMJ Pain, Gurnee, with Proper Dental Care

Our Gurnee dental care professional asks: When reading a book, watching television or concentrating, do you find your jaw clenched?

This is only one of many symptoms indicating a possible TMJ issue.

A proper “rest position” exists when the upper and lower teeth are not touching each other. There should be a suspension of one or two millimeters between. Throughout most of the day, the jaw muscles should maintain this relaxed position. When you speak, eat or swallow, your muscles momentarily tense to allow for these functions, then once again should resume a position of rest.

If due to an accident, stress, etc., the jaw muscles lose their ability to remain in a position of rest, you will experience muscle fatigue, dysfunction or spasm. Not only does this lead to facial discomfort, but also a host of other problems.

Teeth that clench or grind against each other without food to buffer the forces can become worn and fractured. The jaw’s muscles and joints can radiate pain or limit what should be normal movement.

Using advanced technology and experience, Dr.Rule will analyze the cause of your jaw discomfort and present to Gurnee sufferers dental care solutions worth smiling over! Make your appointment today!

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