Dental Implants: An Investment in Yourself!

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(Last Updated On: April 7, 2020)

Dental implants have become the standard of care for replacing missing teeth. Nothing looks more natural, makes eating more easy or protects the health of your teeth and jaw better. Your confidence will soar knowing you are looking and feeling your best again!

Dental Implants require a simple surgical procedure to insert a post into the jaw bone, attached to an abutment which connects the post to the crown, creating a prosthetic tooth. Finally, you can smile with confidence knowing your implant looks like a natural, healthy tooth!

With dental implants by Dr. Rule you have the added assurance of a beautiful result because he utilizes Cone Beam CT Guided technology.This advanced technology is used to create highly detailed images to create a surgical guide that Dr. Rule will use to precisely place an implant into the perfect position.

An Investment Worth Making

Implants are an investment. And in our office every day we see the evidence that implants bring a rich return on that investment in the happy and healthy smiles of our patients. What can you expect as the “return” on your investment?

  • Improved appearance – no sunken cheeks or wrinkles caused by missing teeth or bone deterioration.
  • Restore your self-confidence – laugh, smile and eat again without any fear of an embarrassing situation arising.
  • Totally natural looking – implants are the closest thing to your own natural teeth you can choose today.

Done Right, Dental Implants Are Forever!

Dental Implants Gurnee an investment in yourself.Our free step-by-step guide will help you know what to expect during the implant process, relieving any anxiety you may feel and making you feel confident that you’re working with an implant dentist you can trust to create a smile you’ll have for the rest of your life! Download your free copy here.

Once you’ve read it, give us a call! You can talk to one of our friendly team members at (847)662-7717 or contact us  for an appointment about dental implants with Gurnee expert Dr. Rule.

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