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Dental Care near Grayslake — Protection Against Dental “Kryptonite”

What does our dental team in the Grayslake area have to do with Superman and Kryptonite? Enamel (the protective coating on teeth) is the hardest substance in the human body. But just as Kryptonite weakened Superman’s strength in his comic book adventures, enamel too has a nemesis that can lower its defensive resistance and result in dental erosion.

The culprit is the acid found in the everyday acidic foods and drinks that we consume throughout the normal course of our lives. Various wines, along with vinegar-based salad dressings contain higher acid levels. Some pucker up and suck on lemons, perhaps in an attempt to whiten their teeth or to flavor beverages and foods, but many fruits and fruit juices also contain high citric acid levels. Interestingly, it is not just the “regular” but also the “diet” carbonated beverages that often contain both phosphoric and citric acid.

These acidic foods and drinks contribute to a lowering of the pH level in the mouth. This acid temporarily softens the enamel on the teeth. Prolonged exposure can thin the layer of enamel until there is no longer that important level protection for the teeth. This can lead to serious dental problems. Therefore, controlling what and when we eat/drink is vital in protecting teeth. Remember to cleanse your mouth by brushing after each meal and be aware of drinking highly acidic beverages in the middle of the day when the opportunity to clean your teeth may not be available.

Regular dental visits in the Grayslake area are also essential as they provide a professional cleaning and early detection of any concerns with your oral health. Through technology, such as the use of a dental light, your dentist can see signs of dental erosion that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Though none of us may wear the blue tights, cape, and big “S” on our chest like Superman, we all encounter the “Kryptonite” that can weaken our teeth. Please contact us today, and allow our dental office nearby Grayslake to help you have the healthy teeth and smile that a super hero deserves.

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