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Whiten Your Teeth—The Proper Way!

Who doesn’t admire a beautiful white smile? It implies health and vitality. Dr. Rule has countless hours of experience in dental work on Libertyville area residents behind him, and can testify to how important professional guidance can be on the matter of teeth whitening.

Have you heard some mention less than successful teeth-whitening experiences? A factor not to be overlooked is your current oral health. Tooth decay, sensitive or cracked teeth, infections or gum problems should all be treated before any tooth whitening products are used, or you could experience extreme discomfort. Worse, the whitening process may aggravate an existing problem.

Dr. Rule can help determine the cause of your discoloration, whether it is the result of injury, stains from food or tobacco, antibiotic treatments as a child or other causes. Using this knowledge, he will select a suitable whitening method or product that will work for you.

The American Dental Association warns of the dangers of using tooth whitening chemicals and procedures without the care or supervision of a licensed dentist: if the chemicals used to whiten teeth are not applied properly, they could damage soft and hard tissues in the mouth.

White, bright teeth are desirable, but having a healthy smile is more important. Our dental work for Libertyville and surrounding areas can help you achieve not only a whiter, more attractive smile, but a healthy one! Contact Dr. Rule today!

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