5 Dental Implant Benefits You Should Know

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  Got missing teeth? You’re not alone! An estimated Opens in new windown to AAID website2 out of 3 Americans are missing one or more teeth. The great news is that dental implants are a fantastic solution. What are dental implant benefits? 5 reasons it’s worth it to invest in dental implants 1. Great solution for […]

Restore your smile in 2 hours!

How CEREC® Crowns Are Made (Quick Video & FAQs)

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Dental technology has forever changed dentistry. Procedures that used to take weeks or months can now be done in days. One of the best advancements in dental technology is CEREC®. With CEREC®, you can have a brand new crown restoration in as little as two hours! So, how are CEREC® crowns made? Find out how […]

A chart showing how Dental Implants from our Gurnee office fit together

Dental Implants: An Investment in Yourself!

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Dental implants have become the standard of care for replacing missing teeth. Nothing looks more natural, makes eating more easy or protects the health of your teeth and jaw better. Your confidence will soar knowing you are looking and feeling your best again! Dental Implants require a simple surgical procedure to insert a post into the […]

4 Steps to Make a Success of Your Dental Implant

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Is your smile missing one or more chiclets? Tooth loss is unfortunately more common than many realize. According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOS): 69 percent of adults ages 35 to 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth to an accident, gum disease, failed root canal, or tooth decay. By 74 […]

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How Do I Know if Dental Implants Are for Me?

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How long does a plucked flower blossom displayed prettily in a bowl last before it withers? A day, maybe two? Compare that to a potted plant that can bloom for years. Where does the difference lie? Roots, Roots, Roots Roots not only provide stability to a plant but stimulate its entire complex support system. The […]