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tooth decay and enamel destructionWhy is consuming a large dessert considered healthier, from the standpoint of dental work providers in Gurnee, than snacking intermittently from a small bag of candy over the course of a day? The answer may surprise you!

Sugars from candies, soft drinks, and even fruit juices play a significant role in tooth decay and enamel destruction. Within your mouth, there are a great variety and number of bacteria. Consequently, when the most common of sugars (sucrose) interacts with them, an acid is formed that instigates demineralization of tooth enamel. This attack lasts approximately 30 minutes after each introduction of sugar. During those long minutes while acids work hard to dissolve your tooth’s enamel, it is left vulnerable to decay. If throughout the day you are continually subjecting your enamel to such attacks by eating sugary treats, the battle is never allowed to subside. Enamel that has become demineralized allows for a cavity to continue to expand and expand.

Most people are unaware that 96% of enamel consists of minerals, with water and organic material composing the rest. The sheer quantity of minerals making up the enamel accounts for its strength, but also for its brittleness. The enamel itself has no nerve supply or way of regenerating itself. By giving proper attention to your sugar intake habits and by brushing and flossing you can help maintain what cannot be restored naturally.

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