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Make Your Children’s Trip to the Dentist Fun

Dr. Rule is a solid choice for your family dentistry needs in Gurnee. He cares about the local community and is quite active in boy scouts, biking and of course, offering quality dental care for you and your family!

Dr. Rule is a natural family dentist. He’ll make your children’s dental visits fun and educational. You can expect a very gentle cleaning for your children, while we tailor to their needs to make dentistry as fun and exciting as possible.

We take our Gurnee family dentistry seriously while making it fun by teaching our children how to properly brush and floss teeth to establish good habits at an early age. It’s equally as important to establish good oral habits by monitoring your children’s daily brushing and flossing.

When your children do a thorough job of brushing and flossing, make sure you compliment their routine to encourage them to continue. Additionally, make sure you keep up your routine brushing and flossing every day because children look up to you and will follow and execute your daily habits.

Start family dentistry right by introducing the benefits of maintaining a healthy smile. Get to know this down-to-earth doctor by requesting your appointment today.


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