Lip, Tongue and Cheek–Piercings Your Family Dentist in Gurnee Warns About

A popular trend has developed among the young in particular: oral piercings. Dr. Rule, family dentist in Gurnee, feels a certain responsibility to enlighten people regarding potential health risks from these piercings that may be overlooked.

There is a high risk of infection associated with oral piercings. Why? The wound from a piercing is open and vulnerable to invasion by the vast amount of harmful bacteria located in the mouth. Additional bacteria are also introduced when the jewelry is handled before being placed. Bacteria that manage to enter the bloodstream can lead to the development of endocarditis (an inflammation of the heart or its valves) in certain individuals. Remember: Your mouth is a sensitive place with a plethora of bacteria. Think twice before deliberately altering it.

Individuals who have proceeded with oral piercings, particularly those utilizing long-stem tongue jewelry like “barbells”, also have an increased risk of gum disease. How does this occur? When the jewelry rubs repeatedly against delicate tissue, it causes injury. Over time, this can result in loose teeth or tooth loss. As you can imagine, teeth coming in contact with jewelry will also run a significant risk of chipping. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings should be a key part of your oral health regime.

Dr. Rule is a conscientious family dentist that desires Gurnee patients to make informed decisions when it comes to their oral health. Consult him today and learn more about protecting your smile!

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