Why Comprehensive (aka Holistic) Dental Prevention Makes Sense

If you have a vehicle, you appreciate giving it proper maintenance and preventative care. Why? Because you want to avoid being stranded on the freeway and the daunting costs of labor, parts, and public transportation. You can protect your smile in the same way with comprehensive dentistry in Gurnee, Illinois.

Learn how Dr. Rule’s comprehensive dentistry approach in Gurnee, Illinois is saving smiles and preventing them from breaking with a smarter, healthier emphasis on holistic prevention.


Why comprehensive dentistry focuses on holistic prevention

Dr. Rule and his team of dental experts place a high importance on prevention when it comes to dentistry. Why? Because we know everybody wants a beautiful smile with minimal upkeep needed. When you take care of your smile, giving it proper maintenance, proper repairs, and proper hygiene, people will notice how healthy and bright your smile is.

In contrast, if you miss your regular check-ups and cleaning appointments, your smile will begin to decay, hard-to-reach bacteria begins to smell, chips and cracks progressively can weaken the overall structure of your mouth, and your teeth start to look yellowish and opaque.

When this occurs, your smile is headed for a breakdown that will cost much more than you’d like to pay to repair.

Wouldn’t it make sense to prevent all those things from happening by caring for your smile the right way?


What comprehensive dentistry is

At Rule Dentistry, our first order of the day is to identify the root cause of a symptom and fix it before it causes more damage. Our holistic prevention is geared towards good education on proper hygiene, and our comprehensive dentist first focuses on repairing one quadrant at a time.

By addressing all the problems or replacing old restorations in one quadrant of your mouth, your teeth will function equally as precise and look equally as beautiful. Not to mention that this form of dentistry will take less time and will last many years more than fixing tooth by tooth.

Typically, you would have to visit various dentists on numerous occasions to fix cosmetic, biological, and functional concerns one at a time. But that only results in worse problems down the line since you have different hands and quality of work in your mouth.

Viewing dental problems and enhancements from the holistic or whole-person viewpoint will balance your smile perfectly in these 3 main areas:

  • Cosmetics: the way your eyes, lips, and nose complement your smile.
  • Function: the precision with which your teeth and jaw interact when chewing and sleeping, thus avoiding TMJ pain and migraine headaches.
  • Biology: the inter-organism relationship of your gums, saliva, and other dental factors that affect your oral health, and how these relate to your heart, your digestion, and your reproductive organs.

Other dentists may ignore the link that exists between your oral health and your overall health, but Dr. Rule doesn’t. At Rule Dentistry,  we care for the person behind the smile, not just teeth.

Health smiles for your family with Gurnee comprehensive and preventative dentistry


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