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General Dentistry |3 min read

What’s the Truth on Tooth Enamel?

Often taken for granted, tooth enamel wages a relentless battle against bacteria, sugar, and acid in an effort to prevent cavities and tooth decay. Of course, your teeth still require your assistance in order to maintain a healthy, happy smile. What should you do?...

Cosmetic Dentistry |3 min read

Can I Change the Shape of My Teeth?

Keeping your teeth clean and cavity free is indeed important, but the fact your teeth are healthy doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be ecstatic with their appearance. Genetics may provide you with teeth that are crooked, oddly shaped or that have large...

General Dentistry |5 min read

Decoding Dental Terminology – Part II

TERM DEFINITION Abutment The teeth on either side of a missing tooth. Amalgam The most common material used for fillings, also called silver fillings; a mixture of mercury (approx 50%), silver, tin, copper and zinc. Bite An impression made by the doctor that shows how...